Dermalogica Facials

Dermalogica® face treatments target your most pressing skin concerns through a Face Mapping® zone-by-zone skin analysis. Dermalogica products are cosmeceutical and contain no clogging mineral or lanolin oils, no artificial colours or fragrances and no SD alcohol. 

Facials are customised to meet the needs of your skin using Dermalogica® professional products to deliver healthier, fresher and younger looking skin.

Rapid Spot Clearing 

This facial will speed up repair and clarify any breakouts with this powerful treatments

Age Resurfacing

This facial will repair, revitalise and fight signs of aging with this supreme treatment for aging skin

Dry Redness Relief

This facial delivers cooling soothing relief to sensitised and irritated skin

Teen Clear Start Facials

This facial is specially designed for teenage skin and education on a healthy skin care regimen is given during the treatment. Salicylic acid gives a deep cleansing exfoliation to loosen debris from pores to do extractions to clear congestion. A skin balancing mask then restores moisturise and calms the skin.

Microzone Facial               

“30 Minute Miracle”

Maximum result’s for those on the go with minimal time. Target a specific concern – congestion, sensitivity, dehydration or tired eyes.